Prayer is an act of humble dependence upon God and one of CCC’s core values. It is the heartbeat of all ministry. Without prayer our work is futile. Prayer deepens our intimacy with God and unites us with one another in fellowship. As we go deeper in prayer, we desire for it to become a lifestyle, a joyful discipline, and a wellspring of God’s power and provision in the lives of his people.


Located in each of our worship venues (Worship Center, The Ridge, and SouthPoint), we have a prayer wall with slips of paper. Anytime before, during, or after the service, if you have a prayer request or a celebration, simply write your prayer and roll it into the wall. Every Monday, the Pastors and Ministry Staff pray over these requests.


Our Prayer Room is currently under construction and we can’t wait to share this space with you. This will be a dedicated, private space for our Prayer Intercessors to pray with you before or after the worship services.

How Are We Praying This Year?

Going Deep in Prayer

CCC is Going Deep in Prayer in 2021. We are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance as we ask Him where He is leading us as a church.


January – Pray in Dependence
January 31 – 5th Sunday Praise

May – Pray with Expectation
May 30 – 5th Sunday Praise

August – Pray for Essentials
August 29 – 5th Sunday Praise

October – Pray as Praise
October 31 – 5th Sunday Praise

1st Sunday Pray – 5th Sunday Praise

Something new we are doing at CCC is the 1st Sunday Pray – 5th Sunday Praise initiative. Each month in 2021 that has 5 Sundays, we will start out the month with a Sunday of prayer and end the month with a Sunday of Praise.

Each month will focus on a different aspect of going DEEP in prayer and the 5th Sunday Praise is a night full of worship, prayer, and testimony.

From February 17th to March 28th, CCC will join thousands of other churches in 40 days of united prayer leading up to Palm Sunday. Seek God for the City helps you pray with clarity and Biblical hope for others. We often do our “best” praying under pressure since we are tempted to skip over prayer if easy solutions to our problems are evident. Seek God for the City reminds us that there is no quick fix; instead, we must lift our vision beyond our troubles to consider what God may be doing in us and through us in our communities.

Seek God for the City

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