At CCC, fostering connection and spiritual growth through relationships is a top priority. We believe that relationships are foundational to living out the examples set by Jesus in His earthly ministry — and so we commit ourselves to creating strong bonds of community with our Group Life model. Join us and experience true community as you make meaningful connections with other believers here at our church!


Life groups are at the heart of CCC’s discipleship-making movement! From those investigating their faith for the very first time, to lifelong believers devoted to Christ, Life Groups are where spiritual growth happens through supportive relationships and personal transformation.

Not sure where to start? Our staff loves helping people find freedom in following Jesus by getting connected in Group Life. Simple email to get started!


When we’re confronted with life’s daily hurdles or major crises, it can be difficult to process them alone. Our Care Groups are a safe and nurturing environment for those seeking healing and encouragement, whether it’s making strides towards developing a strong marriage, managing finances, facing addiction, recovering from divorce, mourning the loss of a loved one, or finding the spiritual guidance to grow as Christians.


Core Groups offer something for everyone and are designed to provide specific and focused opportunities for spiritual seekers and growing Christ-followers to build momentum toward cultivating deeper faith.


Women's Breakout Bible Studies

Breakout Bible Studies are shorter-term gatherings based on a specific study of either a book of the Bible or written devotional based on Scripture. 


Small Circle is a gathering of three who engage in a simple study of a selected book of the Bible with easy-to-schedule, weekly 15-minute check-ins and one monthly face-to-face connection. We believe this can cultivate deep relationships with not only God but each other. Email at the link below if you want to learn more about getting started with a Small Circle.


Are you new to Group Life and don’t know where to start? Starting Point is the perfect place to begin. This group meets on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month and it’s a stepping stone into Group Life at CCC. Our hope is that you begin to build community with those around you and maybe even grab a few others and start your own Life Group! 


“In a world where isolation and anxiety can make it easy to disconnect, Life groups provide the perfect opportunity for much-needed connection. In gathering for prayer and praise, sharing laughter and tears, celebrating blessings, and carrying burdens, we travil the raw and real moments of this beautiful life together! Life groups are life giving!”


“It’s so much fun to have money put away, but at hand to be able to help someone when we see the need. It’s those little benefits of paying off our own debt that make life so much better! Everyday, in every way, God blesses us more and more. Thanks to Financial Peace University we see things so much more now without the blinding threat of debt looming over our heads! It was such a blessing to find this Care group and be compelled by God to check it out at the very last minute!”



RightNow Media is a great resource with access to a streaming library of more than 20,000 Bible Study videos for you, your family, or your Life Group. Explore today!