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Students will be back to their normal rhythm in August! Don’t miss the kickoffs!



Middle School Ministry is the place to be on Wednesday nights. Students start the night socializing, playing crazy games, hanging out with friends, and grabbing treats from the snack bar. Middle schoolers worship together with the student band and dive into the Word with their small group breakouts. No registration is needed and friends are always welcome to tag along. Just stop by The Ridge at 6:30pm on Wednesday nights!

MS Experience

SUNDAYS | 8:30AM, 10:00AM, 11:30AM

Middle School experience is our Sunday morning option for Middle Schoolers! We meet down in the Ridge during all of the Sunday morning worship service times for discussion-based teaching. Both services are identical so students only need to attend one of them and can check in at the door upon arrival.



Sunday nights are designed just for High School students. They kick back each week and share a meal together before goining live worship with the student band. Students spend the last hour digging into the Word with their small group breakouts before capping the night off with games and fellowship. There is no need to register and students are encouraged to bring their friends. Join us at 5:30pm in The Ridge on Sundays!


We want students to embrace community with one another nd we use small groups as the vehicle to get us there. Girls and guys break into grade-specific small groups as part of their weekly Middle School Ministry and High School Ministry gatherings. Students share what’s going on in their lives and how they’re finding freedom in following Jesus under the guidance of dedicated small group leaders.



Student Ministry partners with our Outreach Ministry to bring the Gospel to parts of the world but also to our neighbors. We believe that you don’t just have to go around the world to make an impact, some of the biggest impact our students make is in their own community through local outreach opportunities.


Adventure Trips are designed to get students out of their comfort zones and learn to fully lean on God. These trips are great for cultivating new and growing friendships and making great memories. Trips range from hiking regional trails to canoeing down rivers and waterways.


Retreats are designed as weekends for students to get away from the hustle and bustle of school and life and dig deeper into their walk with God. These weekends are specifically curated for students to learn more about themselves, each other and more importantly, God. Big changes happen on retreats when students get away and focus on God.

We have more events on the horizon so check them out below!


I have been going to student ministry since about halfway through my 6th-grade year. High school ministry has changed my life as well as my faith in a lot of ways. I grew up in a Christian, God-loving family that went to church every Sunday. I knew I believed in a God but I didn’t ever really understand what it meant to have a relationship with God. In my freshman year, we all moved up to the high school night on Sundays. It was during some of covid so we didn’t do all the normal things they had done but we still did some trips and still met on Sunday nights. That year we did the annual high school ski trip. It was the first year that my dad started volunteering at the church as a youth leader and so it was my first trip with just my dad and I as well as a couple of girls I knew. On that trip, I got out of my comfort zone and talked to most if not everyone on that trip and grew relationships with them but most importantly, God. Since then, I have gone on all the trips and adventure trips along with attending Sunday night youth. I have also grown a greater relationship with God than I would have ever imagined but I know that it doesn’t stop there. I still have more learning and growing to do but I have grown a lot with the help of my church family. I have gotten more involved with the youth such as being a part of the worship team, tech team, and other leadership roles. I am so glad that God has provided me with a church family that I can trust and grow with!


Ephesians 2:10 – You are God’s masterpiece. He created you!

During the summer of 2020, I struggled with believing lots of lies from satan. These lies spiraled into anorexic tendencies and depression. My biggest mistake in this season was believing that I was alone and letting myself stay there. I didn’t surround myself with the wonderful community that the Lord allowded me to be a part of. God has freed me, I still have my struggles, but I know where to go with them. Praise God!


Coming to youth and having the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded Christians has not only helped grow my relationship with God but my relationship with others around me. The friendships I’ve made here at youth are deep, godly, pure relationships that I can depend on to support and encourage me, while also holding me accountable and pushing me in my faith. Having the support system that I have as HSM has helped me to see God in so many new ways, to love Him better, and love others better as a result. The way HSM loves and supports me is such a great representation of how God loves His Church and I see so much of Christ in the people at HSM.


God has shown me His love, gentleness, and kindness through each of the friendships that He has blessed me with at this Church. He has given me a God-fearing community that has been there for me during my rough seasons in life. They have given me Godly advice and wisdom when I am in hard situations. The community at CCC has helped me grow in my relationship with God and I am so thankful to Him for bringing them into my life.



High School Ministry share a meal at the beginning of their worship time on Sunday nights. If you, your family, or your Life Group would like to provide for dinner, please sign up today!


If you have any further questions or just want to know more about Student Ministry, please reach out to Pastor Allen Williams, our Student Ministry Pastor. He’d love to chat with you!

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