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Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth."

Local Outreach,

… Christ Community Church builds unity through loving our neighbors in meaningful, intentional and important ways, all while worshipping God and magnifying the Gospel. CCC’s local outreach works with the following organizations:

Cameron Boys Camp

Cameron Boys Camp, a ministry of the Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), is a therapeutic wilderness camp for troubled boys. It is an alternative, non-public school whose primary goal is to foster happy, well-adjusted boys confident and eager to learn. Located on 902 wooded acres, the camp offers the freedom of being outdoors and the structure of small groups with constant, caring supervision. Boys live in groups of ten with three counselors called “Chiefs.” With the help of their peers and Chiefs, each camper learns discipline, positive behavior patterns, and self-worth. Residential wilderness camping uses a team, or group-work approach, to help boys grow socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The goal is to build positive, healthy relationships that hopefully will transfer to their home situation. Campers and their Chiefs plan daily activities such as building their own living shelters, cutting wood, cooking meals two days each week, maintaining equipment and trails, planning trips and, importantly, having fun! As authentic adult role models, Chiefs wear many hats – from counselor to friend to teacher. Solid values and strong standards are the backdrop of a Chief’s life. They are deeply involved in the boys’ lives, daring to love unconditionally, building relationships, and challenging them to grow and succeed.

Camp Duncan

Camp Duncan is a wilderness camping experience designed to give girls and their families an opportunity to work out problems through a highly structured alternative service designed to help them grow socially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and academically. Therapeutic camping takes a team, or group-work approach to building relationships between camp staff , the family and the camper. Through these relationships, deep hurts are healed and lives are changed. Located on more than 600 acres, Camp Duncan offers the freedom of being outdoors and the structure of small groups with constant, caring supervision. Girls live in groups of ten with three counselors, called “Chiefs.” With the help of their peers and Chiefs, campers learn discipline, positive behavior patterns, and self worth. Camp spirit and team effort are vital. A girl at camp soon learns that she is an important part not only of her success, but also of the success of her group.

Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) – at Sandhills Community College

Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) is a ministry that exists so that everyone at Sandhills Community College has an opportunity to hear and respond to the love of Jesus Christ. We desire to provide a place for students and faculty to be introduced to the Gospel, grow in their faith, and then sent out as life-long laborers for Christ through discipleship, Bible studies, retreats, and regional conferences. We are trusting (and asking) that the Lord would continue to raise up student leaders and that students would truly invest their lives well while in college and beyond. We hope to challenge and see students attend our conference opportunities and our summer missions opportunities (especially as we partner with college campuses in Senegal).

Sandhills/Moore Coalition

Sandhills/Moore Coalition for Human Care is a state-chartered, non-profit corporation founded in 1986 by 12 concerned churches that provides numerous different services to thousands of Moore County residents on an annual basis. More than 75 area churches currently support these efforts to meet the emergency needs of Moore County neighbors by providing food, clothing and financial resources. Each weekday, volunteers and staff work together to provide emergency services to residents of Moore County. Clients are given an opportunity to privately discuss their needs with a trained volunteer. The Coalition not only helps with food, but also provides transportation, financial assistance, clothing and employment services.

Faithful Friends

Manor Care Nursing Home provides short and long-term as well as post-surgery care for Pinehurst and surrounding area residents. Members of CCC assist by sharing God’s word and love with those who find themselves moving into a new season of their lives. Residents are encouraged through scripture showing that God has a purpose for them where they are. Through weekly Bible studies, activities and visits from volunteers, CCC pastors and music ministry members provide church services the first Sunday of each month. The Faithful Friends ministry also plans events throughout the year as well as holiday celebrations. We never forget that it is a privilege and honor to minister to the residents in the last season of their lives as they prepare for their final destination, Heaven.

Friend to Friend

Friend to Friend offers emergency shelter and services for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking victims. This ministry began in 1988 as a way to serve victims in Moore County regardless of socioeconomic, religious, or immigration status. We serve all persons, but primarily women and children. Friend to Friend is the only agency of its kind in Moore County. To achieve its mission, it offers a free crisis line that operates 24/7, emergency housing at an undisclosed, secure shelter, court advocacy program and sexual assault advocacy programs, court accompaniment, community education, counseling services, hospital accompaniment, legal aid, referrals to substance abuse recovery programs, mental health support, and referrals to other community resources.

Contact the Director of Outreach & Missions:

Life Care Pregnancy Center

Life Care Pregnancy Center (LCPC) is a non-profit organization and a Christ-centered ministry that promotes the sanctity of human life through Christian direction, compassionate care, accurate information, and assistance for individuals and families facing unplanned pregnancies, or related crises. LCPC is committed to offering free assistance to women who are pregnant or have children under 2 years of age. We offer hope for facing the future by assisting them to develop a plan for themselves and their children. This ministry never discriminates, but seeks to represent the love of Christ to all regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, age, or the marital status of its clients. It is LCPC’s policy to never advise, provide for, or refer women for abortion, or pro-abortion counseling.

Young Life

Young Life believes that high school and middle school students are awesome and deserve to know what life can hold for them. Its leaders are caring adults who share hope and the possibility of lasting friendships with high school friends. From club and camp to Campaigners and other activities, teenagers laugh and try new things gettin’ crazy about life! Young Life is active at Pinecrest and Union Pines High Schools and maintains a growing presence at The O’Neal School. Through the middle school initiative called WyldLife, we are involved at Southern, New Century and West Pine Middle Schools as well as O’Neal. Young Life is making a difference! For example, at one high school where “John” served as a Young Life leader, he began to attend the basketball practices. After a time, one of the players approached him. “You come to watch us practice a lot, don’t you?” he asked. “Yes, I do,” John said. “That’s cool,” the player said. “Nobody does that.”

Mother’s Morning Out

The Mother’s Morning Out (MMO) program at CCC provides parents with a safe and fun place to leave their children ages 1-3 while they take a much-needed break. While at MMO, the children learn about the love of Jesus through Bible stories, songs, crafts and the care and attention of their teachers. MMO hopes to not only support those families that already have a home church and a relationship with Jesus, but also to connect and build a relationship with those who may not.

Teen Challenge

Sal DiBianca and his wife, Debby, founders of the Sandhills Teen Challenge ministry, have served for more than 29 years as its directors helping youths, adults and families alike. Since pioneering the men’s residential recovery program in 1987, thousands of men, ages 18 and older, have received hope and healing as they commit to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. An ideal place for recovery, the Sandhills Adult & Teen Challenge facility is located on 31 tranquil acres in the heart of Moore County. The 12-month residential program offers food, clothing, a warm bed, and academic materials as well as the spiritual, emotional, vocational and academic training needed to overcome the problems that led to addiction. Sandhills Adult & Teen Challenge truly is “Bringing Wholeness to the Hopeless.”

Family Promise

Family Promise of Moore County (FPMC) provides shelter, meals and case management services to homeless mothers with children. FPMC partners with more than 20 churches in the Moore County area to support families and encourage them to achieve independent living. Christ Community Church has been a vital partner in this ministry for more than five years. Volunteers build bridges of understanding and love by providing dinner and serving as overnight hosts to families.

Sandhills MOPS International

Sandhills Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) at CCC is on a mission to celebrate motherhood as a community of women who love one another as family. MOPS connects moms within our community to experience the love of Jesus through each other. MOPS meets at CCC every other Wednesday from 9 -11 a.m. enjoying uninterrupted conversation and guest speakers. Our MOPPETS program offers loving attention, creative activities, and brunch for children. Play dates, community projects and leadership opportunities are abundant! Motherhood is celebrated as we unite to impact our families and the world for Christ.

Motorcycle Ministry

The Motorcycle Ministry of CCC is a unique outreach to the community of biking enthusiasts regardless of church attendance or affiliation. It offers an opportunity to meet like-minded people who find pleasure in traversing the open road with the wind in their face and observing the beauty of God’s creation all around. The power of a motorcycle can be exhilarating, but in the process of harnessing that power, there is freedom to clear the mind and escape from the cares and monotony of everyday life. In addition to meeting on a regular basis, bikers participate in rides designed to raise money for worthy organizations such as Teen Challenge and Cameron Boys Camp. The camaraderie of those who enjoy this sport makes it possible for us to share the love of Christ whether through word or deed.

Regional Outreach

Youth Central

Youth Central, under the leadership of Beth and Dan Dent, is a faith-based program primarily for the Hispanic community in the Vass/Cameron/Carthage area. The ministry uses the facilities of Vass Presbyterian Church to conduct its activities during the week. Youth Central’s mission statement, “helping to give hope and a future to the next generation,” is achieved by providing a safe place for school aged children to come after school for supervised activities, homework help, leadership and life skills training. Discipleship and mentoring are important elements of this ministry. The single paid staff person is Educational Director, Gloriana Escobar, who oversees all after-school activities and uses her rich teaching experience to target and tutor students in their areas of weakness. Gloriana oversees the scheduling and training of volunteers. Volunteers from Moore County are the lifeblood for all tutoring, mentoring, and discipleship efforts.

Jubilee Institute

The Jubilee Institute is a three-pronged ministry launched from Christ Community Church that reflects, at least in part, how important it is to bring the heart of missions back home in order.
Each prong or pillar of the ministry represents a significant and important value.  The first pillar relates to ongoing partnerships with local Hispanic churches. The second pillar includes providing theological and leadership training to local church leadership using much of the curriculum of IBAC (“Institutos Bíblicos de América Central”). The final pillar includes providing discounted counseling services in conjunction with Immigrant Hope of the Sandhills (coming in early 2018).

The mission of the Jubilee can be summarized as (i) partner for relationship and trust, (ii) teach to equip and grow, and (iii) counsel to give hope for tomorrow. 

More information will be found at the Jubilee’s website, which is coming soon.

Global Outreach


Christ Community Church supports the following missionaries:

The Missionaries and/or Mission Organizations shown on this page receive monthly support from Christ Community Church. The CCC Global Outreach Mission Committee conducted a review and appraisal process for each before advising the Elder Board of its intent to add them to the CCC supported Missionary list. Upon final approval by the Elders, the CCC Treasurer begins making the individual support payments as instructed by the committee. Periodically, the Committee and CCC may sponsor fundraising efforts for special projects that support one, some, or all of our missionaries. These efforts are well publicized through CCC weekly bulletins, this website and blogs. Contributions made for these through the CCC Treasurer (by check, online, or designated cash) are included in your year-end CCC giving statements.

The committee encourages anyone who may feel led by the Holy Spirit to support these missionaries or organizations on a regular basis to do so by directly donating to their supported organizations as provided at each of their websites. In that way, you will receive from each of those organizations a year-end tax deduction statement to use in preparation of your tax returns.

VET NET – Mongolia

Mongolia V.E.T. Net is a national NGO that has come from the work of Christian Veterinary Mission in Mongolia. By the early 1990s, the opportunities to help with the nation’s developing livestock production system and the need for the “Light of Christ” were obvious. In 1995, Gerald and Frances Mitchum moved to Mongolia to begin the CVM work. The Mitchums began a hospitality ministry to students at the Mongolian Veterinary School. There were no Christians at the school at that time but students began to come to know Christ and a small team of believers resulted, eventually spreading to other universities. This small handful of believers banded together into an organization called Vet Net. Later this would be changed to V.E.T. Net…a network of veterinarians and educators training professionals throughout Mongolia to gain the opportunity to share the hope found within. The goal is to bring genuine change to the rural, urban, and university people of Mongolia through the love and message of Jesus Christ. Thus, while a multi-faceted ministry, the two major ministries of V.E.T. Net are the veterinary ministry and the rural education ministry.

Phil and Cindy Fisk – Evangelical Theological Faculty

Phil and Cindy Fisk have served overseas since 1987, first in Zaire, then following evacuation in 1991, in Belgium since 1992. They helped establish two churches in Flanders, Belgium. Each church has a national as Pastor trained at the Evangelical Theological Faculty (ETF) in Leuven. Since 2008, Phil and Cindy have taught and mentored young men and women who come to the ETF from Europe, Asia, and Africa before being sent out globally as pastors, church planters and educators. The Rev. Dr. Phil has served as an ordained minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) since 1992. The Fisk’s home church is The Village Church of Barrington, IL (a member of the EFCA).

Melissa Putney – Lightforce International

God never ceases to surprise me, and at the end of 2016, He gave me a new focus for my ministry in Costa Rica – human trafficking prevention work. Still a full-time ReachGlobal missionary, I partner with LightForce International in their work to end exploitation in Costa Rica. As I’ve learned more about this global (and complex) issue, I have become increasingly convinced that prevention is key, and that the local church has a crucial role to play. God has given me a vision for coming alongside Costa Rican churches to help them understand the very real risks of human trafficking in their country and to engage them in supporting, protecting and, most importantly, presenting the hope of the gospel (and gospel transformation) to the most vulnerable in their own communities.

Build the Village – Kenya and Uganda

Build the Village is a global organization whose mission is to glorify Jesus Christ and make Him known through personal evangelism, theological education, and academic excellence. Build the Village approaches ministry from a Biblical, holistic mandate (Matthew 25:31- 46). This is achieved through establishing village hubs and district church communities for the expressed purpose of spiritual renewal and forming Christian communities (Acts 2:41-47).

For almost 19 years, Build the Village has been planting and establishing churches throughout Kenya and Uganda. Currently, we are working with 6 to 7 churches helping to get them firmly established. Before we make any financial commitment we spend several years vetting the pastor as to his calling, his scope of ministry, and his congregation’s participation in God’s ministry.

Brian and Cathi Duggan – ReachGlobal

Brian and Cathi Duggan have lived in Costa Rica for ten years serving in the leadership of the Latin America/Caribbean region for ReachGlobal, the mission arm of the EFCA. This year Brian moved to the role of Executive Director Global Ministries overseeing the international work of ReachGlobal worldwide. In addition, Brian mentors and coaches a number of national church leaders. Cathi’s ministry in Costa Rica has been to provide healthcare for undocumented immigrants in the context of a local Christian clinic and assisting missionaries new to the area in finding local ministry opportunities. During their years in the field, the Duggans have seen God raise up new leaders and churches and witnessed a renewed sense of mission on the part of the U.S. and Latin church.

Contact the Director of Outreach & Missions:

Missions Trips

If you are looking to answer the call and go On Mission to another country, we have a missions trip that will fit your gifts and passions.  In 2018 we will have trips going to many different regions including Nepal/India, Kenya, Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, and Mexico.  Some of the areas of ministry are pastor/leader training, medical teams, building projects, children’s ministry, music and worship.  Contact Josh Cassellius, our Director of Outreach and Missions, at to find the right missions trip for you.  

Wally and Diane Cassellius – World Indigenous Missions in Mexico

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Wally and Diane dairy farmed until God called them to the mission field in 1985. They have six adult children and five grandchildren. The Cassellius’ joined World Indigenous Missions (WIM) in 1985. After graduating from King’s Way Missionary Institute (a Spanish language school) in McAllen, Texas, in May 1986, they moved to the city of Tamazunchale located in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi to train under WIM missionaries. In 1987, they moved two hours north to Ciudad Valles where they still live today. When they were given responsibility for the churches in the area, God led them to provide pastors and leaders with the tools and training to effectively lead their own churches. They also felt led to plant a number of churches in the city of Valles. Today, the ministry is thriving and making a difference in the lives of the people there.

Bob and Bobbie Clinton – First Love International Ministries

Bob and Bobbie Clinton serve with First Love International Ministries. Their work includes the establishment of children’s homes in Nepal and India, homes for widows, ministries to senior citizens, hostels in Nepal and India for college students, and various income-generating projects. Along with these initiatives, the staff and short-term missionary team exhibit the love of Christ by aiding in earthquake relief and senior projects and work in the slums and remote villages. The Clintons are also involved in church planting, evangelism and discipleship.

Joy Cassellius – Tamán – Valles, Mexico

The House of Prayer, Tamán, was established in 2013 with the vision to see united prayer and worship become a reality in Ciudad Valles, Mexico. The main focus of Tamán is its prayer room where musicians and intercessors from local churches gather throughout the week to seek the Lord in unity. Tamán members receive training in prayer and worship, and commit to weekly, two-hour prayer sets in the prayer room. Tamán offers music classes, workshops on worship and prayer, creative worship events as well as internships. Working with local churches and other churches in our region, we encourage and train worship teams and intercessors. Over the past year, our teams have become more intergenerational as parents and grandparents bring their children and grandchildren to worship services. Age is no barrier. The youngest intercessor is six years old while the youngest musician in a band is nine.

Steve and Liz Spellman – GlobalFingerprints – Haiti and Brazil

For more than 20 years, the Spellmans served on church planting teams in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Then, in 2010 when the country of Haiti was rocked by one of the most devastating earthquakes in history, they assisted in earthquake relief efforts. The Spellmans are part of the long-term leadership team in Haiti. They continue to live and minister in Brazil where they coach and mentor Brazilian pastors, church planters, and leaders. They also minister in Haiti four to six times a year where they serve on a Leader’s Consortium and oversee the Global Fingerprints ministry offering sponsorships to more than 450 at-risk children. They continue to direct the team serving areas ravaged by Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Given and Lilian Gaula – Tanzania

The Anglican Diocese of Kondoa, Tanzania, is a relatively young missionary endeavor with its own indigenous African believers reaching many who have never heard the name of Jesus. Evangelistic teams regularly conduct door-to-door visits and outdoor crusades in remote villages and towns scattered throughout the region. A predominantly Muslim area, Kondoa is one of the most influential centers for Islam, witchcraft, black magic, animism and ancestral worship in all of Central and East Africa. Despite widespread poverty and a primitive culture, the Diocese operates a Bible School, a Kindergarten and a Women’s Empowerment Center for literacy and life skills training.

If you’re interested in Short Term Mission Trips contact the Missions Committee to learn about opportunities to serve and partner with CCC.

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