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Global Missionary Partners
Wally & Diane Cassellius Dr. Jim Wilson Steve & Liz Spellman Phil & Cindy Fisk Brian & Cathi Duggan Adam & Emily Koelling Given & Lilian Gaula Andy & Rachel Meinzinger Bob & Bobbie Clinton Gerald & Frances Mitchum Mike & Arwen Elders

Wally & Diane Cassellius

World Indigenous Missions - Mexico

Wally and Diane have been working with World Indigenous Missions since 1985. They have been in Ciudad Valles, Mexico since 1987 where they provide pastors and leaders with the tools and training to effectively lead their own churches. They have also planted a number of churches in the city of Valles.

Dr. Jim Wilson

IBAC - Latin America

Dr. Jim Wilson has a passion for mobilizing the U.S. Church to reach nations and equip international brothers and sisters in Christ to rightly handle the Word of Truth. Dr. Wilson developed the curriculum for IBAC, the Institutos Bíblicos de América Central (Biblical Institute of Central America), as a way to train area Hispanic pastors and leaders. Dr. Wilson’s curriculum has also been used for the Jubilee Institute in the Sandhills for our local Hispanic churches.

Steve & Liz Spellman

GlobalFingerprints - Brazil

For more than 20 years, the Spellmans served on church planting teams in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Then, in 2010 when the country of Haiti was rocked by one of the most devastating earthquakes in history, they assisted in earthquake relief efforts. The Spellmans are part of the long-term leadership team in Haiti. They continue to live and minister in Brazil where they coach and mentor Brazilian pastors, church planters, and leaders. They also minister in Haiti four to six times a year where they serve on a Leader’s Consortium and oversee the Global Fingerprints ministry offering sponsorships to more than 450 at-risk children.

Phil & Cindy Fisk

Evangelical Theological Faculty - Belgium

Phil and Cindy Fisk have served overseas since 1987, first in Zaire, then following evacuation in 1991, in Belgium since 1992. They helped establish two churches in Flanders, Belgium. Each church has a national as Pastor trained at the Evangelical Theological Faculty (ETF) in Leuven. Since 2008, Phil and Cindy have taught and mentored young men and women who come to the ETF from Europe, Asia, and Africa before being sent out globally as pastors, church planters and educators.

Brian & Cathi Duggan


Brian and Cathi Duggan serve in the leadership of the Latin America/Caribbean region for ReachGlobal, the mission arm of the EFCA. In 2020, Brian moved to the role of Executive Director Global Ministries overseeing the international work of ReachGlobal worldwide. In addition, Brian mentors and coaches a number of national church leaders. Cathi’s ministry in Costa Rica has been to provide healthcare for undocumented immigrants in the context of a local Christian clinic and assisting missionaries new to the area in finding local ministry opportunities.

Adam & Emily Koelling

The Roots Network - Rwanda

The Roots Network’s mission is to make disciples of Jesus, to see lives, communities, and cultures rooted in the love of Christ and be transformed by the Gospel. Their strategy for this mission is to start indigenous churches through evangelism and outreach, strengthening the local church by equipping them through leadership and discipleship training, and serving others through the local church – medical clinics, water wells, poverty and education programs – as a platform to share the Gospel and connect people to the local church.

Given & Lilian Gaula

The Anglican Diocese of Kondoa

This missionary endeavor is reaching many Africans who have never heard the name of Jesus. Evangelistic teams regularly conduct door-to-door visits and outdoor crusades in remote villages and towns scattered throughout the region. The Diocese also operates a Bible school, a Kindergarten and a Women's Empowerment Center for literacy and life skills training.

Andy & Rachel Meinzinger

Child Evangelism Fellowship - Sri Lanka

The Meinzingers have been full-time missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship since 2010. In the fall of 2019 they moved to Columbo, Sri Lanka with their two girls. Their vision is to bring the Gospel to Sri Lanka through Bible clubs for kids. They do this by equipping local believers to lead weekly Good News clubs.

Bob & Bobbie Clinton

First Love International Ministries - Nepal

Bob and Bobbie Clinton serve with First Love International Ministries. Their work includes the establishment of children’s homes in Nepal and India, homes for widows, ministries to senior citizens, hostels in Nepal and India for college students, and various income-generating projects. The Clintons are also involved in church planting, evangelism and discipleship.

Gerald & Frances Mitchum

VET NET - Mongolia

Mongolia V.E.T. Net is a national NGO that has come from the work of Christian Veterinary Mission in Mongolia. By the early 1990s, the opportunities to help with the nation’s developing livestock production system and the need for the “Light of Christ” were obvious. In 1995, Gerald and Frances Mitchum moved to Mongolia to begin the CVM work. The Mitchums began a hospitality ministry to students at the Mongolian Veterinary School. There were no Christians at the school at that time but students began to come to know Christ and a small team of believers resulted, eventually spreading to other universities. This small handful of believers banded together into an organization called Vet Net. Later this would be changed to V.E.T. Net...a network of veterinarians and educators training professionals throughout Mongolia to gain the opportunity to share the hope found within. The goal is to bring genuine change to the rural, urban, and university people of Mongolia through the love and message of Jesus Christ. Thus, while a multi-faceted ministry, the two major ministries of V.E.T. Net are the veterinary ministry and the rural education ministry.

VET NET was created

Mike & Arwen Elders

Good Shepherd Ministries - Guatemala

The Elders partner with Good Shepherd Ministries in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala. They work with the Guatemalan children in the Good Shepherd Group Homes and support these children who are at-risk and their families after they leave the homes. They join alongside local churches and non-profits in the area to share God's love with the local communities. Many volunteer groups come down from the US to do missions work in construction, medical, evangelism and much more and the Elders help support and lead those efforts.

Regional Missions
Rich Culp Abby Middleton Pintar Ryan & Paula Kling

Rich Culp

The Centurion Project - Fort Bragg

Rich and Jenny Culp are CCC sent missionaries who have been called to lead the Centurion Project. Rich also serves as part of the EveryEthne Team. EveryEthne exists to mobilize churches to cross cultures without crossing borders through church multiplication in the nations.

Fort Bragg is the largest mission-sending agency in the world. 55,000 soldiers deploy from Bragg into countries all over the globe. The Centurion Project exists to "network and empower churches to disciple military leaders in their mission and the Great Commission." This mission is catalyzed primarily by strategic training experiences called Centurion Summit. During the training, pastors learn from each other and other leaders in topics related to both discipleship and soul care.

Abby Middleton Pintar

Bridges International - UNC-Chapel Hill

Bridges International's mission is to "create a safe and welcoming community where international students can experience God and His love, grow in love for one another, and be equipped to further the Kingdom of God wherever they go. Many international students' home countries are within the "10/40 window" which is a term missionaries often use to describe nations between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. These nations are generally reported to have the least access to Christian recourses in the world.

Ryan & Paula Kling

ReachGlobal Crisis Response - Morehead City, NC

ReachGlobal Crisis Response values people over projects, meaning, the relationships building with homeowners and neighbors, and sharing the Gospel with them, is a priority over the physical project. They have been in Morehead City in response to Hurricane Florence, which hit the area hard in 2018, helping to rebuild homes that were damaged by the hurricane and subsequent hurricanes in years after. Their hope is to serve a physical need but to have an eternal impact; everyone who interacts with the staff and volunteers at ReachGlobal will see and hear about the love of Christ.

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The Missionaries and/or Mission Organizations shown on this page receive monthly support from Christ Community Church. The CCC Global Outreach Mission Committee conducted a review and appraisal process for each before advising the Elder Board of its intent to add them to the CCC supported Missionary list. Upon final approval by the Elders, the CCC Treasurer begins making the individual support payments as instructed by the committee. Periodically, the Committee and CCC may sponsor fundraising efforts for special projects that support one, some, or all of our missionaries. These efforts are well publicized through CCC weekly bulletins, this website and blogs. Contributions made for these through the CCC Treasurer (by check, online, or designated cash) are included in your year-end CCC giving statements.

The committee encourages anyone who may feel led by the Holy Spirit to support these missionaries or organizations on a regular basis to do so by directly donating to their supported organizations as provided at each of their websites. In that way, you will receive from each of those organizations a year-end tax deduction statement to use in preparation of your tax returns.

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