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The Missionaries and/or Mission Organizations shown on this page receive monthly support from Christ Community Church. The CCC Global Outreach Mission Committee conducted a review and appraisal process for each before advising the Elder Board of its intent to add them to the CCC supported Missionary list. Upon final approval by the Elders, the CCC Treasurer begins making the individual support payments as instructed by the committee. Periodically, the Committee and CCC may sponsor fundraising efforts for special projects that support one, some, or all of our missionaries. These efforts are well publicized through CCC weekly bulletins, this website and blogs. Contributions made for these through the CCC Treasurer (by check, online, or designated cash) are included in your year-end CCC giving statements.

The committee encourages anyone who may feel led by the Holy Spirit to support these missionaries or organizations on a regular basis to do so by directly donating to their supported organizations as provided at each of their websites. In that way, you will receive from each of those organizations a year-end tax deduction statement to use in preparation of your tax returns.