Men’s Ministry

Men leading in their families, the Church, and our community

For too long, the call of Christianity to men has evoked no higher goal, ultimately, than becoming a “nice guy”. All In, the men’s ministry group at Christ Community Church, is not another classroom experience. It will get messy. You will get in over your head. Guaranteed. Join us on the journey to recover true masculinity – the soul of a man as God designed him.


We follow the Biblical example of guidance, understanding and life application found in Titus 2:3-5.  Through the serious and the silly topics of life, we are there for one another. Please email if you are looking for someone to partner with you.


We know the unlimited power and positive change that occurs when men unite for a common goal.  We transform the love of Christ into action by making a difference in our church, our community and our world. Do you have a heart for service? Is God calling you to get involved with Him in His work in our community? Please contact us and share your desires so we can turn those desires into action for Him.


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