Women’s Ministry

What would you like to know more about Women’s Ministry?


 Through in-depth Bible study, in a fun and intimate setting, we passionately seek Christ’s Kingdom in order to be spiritually transformed through the Word of God and prayer, in ways that are relevant to the unique roles of women.  


We follow the Biblical example of guidance, understanding and life application found in Titus 2:3-5.  Through the serious and the silly topics of life, we are there for one another. Please email if you are looking for someone to partner with you.


If you’re in a season of change or healing there is freedom to be found through our short-term care group offerings. Some groups are offered in the fall, some in the spring, and some, twice per year.


We believe that spiritual growth and development happen best in community. Experience weekly fellowship, accountability, and scripture study with other women from CCC when you join a Women’s Life Group.


We know the unlimited power and positive change that occurs when women unite for a common goal.  We transform the love of Christ into action by making a difference in our church, our community and our world. Do you have a heart for service? Is God calling you to get involved with Him in His work in our community? Please contact us and share your desires so we can turn those desires into action for Him.


We become stronger individually, and collectively, when we establish meaningful relationships with other women in the body of Christ.  From shared activities and unique special events, to memorable experiences and loads of laughter…there’s nothing like incredible women doing life together! Please join us for numerous opportunities to build these wonderful relationships throughout the year.


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