Relationships were foundational to Christ’s earthly ministry. Following His example, we encourage everyone to connect in community and grow together in spiritual formation through our Group Life model. Most of our groups are intergenerational and include couples, singles, men and women. We also offer groups designed just for men, women, married couples, young professionals, and those who are college-aged. Our Group Life model is designed to be safe and welcoming for everyone, so Bible knowledge is not necessary.


Life groups offer a safe environment for everyone – from those investigating faith to growing Christ-followers- to experience spiritual growth, relational support, and life-changing freedom. Life groups are at the heart of CCC’s discipleship-making movement!

When you explore our life groups, you’ll find a wide range of group locations and meeting times to fit your interests and schedule. Life group gatherings are discussion-oriented rather than lecture driven with a life application focus. Many groups discuss the weekly message while others sudy a book of the Bible or a biblical topic.

Whether you’re new to the faith our you’ve followed Jesus for many decades, life groups are the place where you can ask questions, share your opinions, and apply spiritual principles to your life experiences. And for those who are anchored in Scripture, life groups provide a great opportunity for God to use you t help those who are new in their faith journey to take meaningful next steps toward spiritual maturity.


When faced with one of life’s many hurdles, whether it’s just a bump in the road or a major crisis, it’s good to walk side-by-side with others on the same journey.

Care groups provide a safe landing spot for spiritual seekers and Christ followers to experience hope, freedom, and positive life change. Our Care Ministry team is passionate about coming alongside folks who are:

  • Hoping to strengthen their marriage or plan for a strong future marriage
  • Seeking financial freedom
  • Impacted by addiction or unhealthy behavior patterns
  • Healing from divorce
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Called to pray for the needs of our church or serve as lay counselors, care facilitators or mentors


Core groups are designed to provide specific and focused opportunities for spiritual seekers and growing Christ-followers to build momentum toward cultivating deeper faith. We currently offer:

  • Purposed for God
  • Rooted
  • Discovering Your Ministry Identity
  • Small Circles
Purposed for God

A one-session class offered multiple times a year to help newcomers get accquainted with the doctrine, culture, and community at CCC.


A 10-week journey that explores seven rhythms essential to deepen your connection with God, the church and your purposes in God’s epic story.

Discovering Ministry Identity

A one-session class designed to help you discover your ministry identity – your unique, God-given wiring – and empower you to enjoy fulfillment and fruitfulness as you contribute to God’s kingdom purposes by serving others. 

Small Circle

Gatherings of three who engage in a simple study of a selected book of the Bible with easy-to-schedule weekly and monthly check-ins. Email Pastor Gary to see how you can get involved.


“In a world where isolation and anxiety can make it easy to disconnect, Life groups provide the perfect opportunity for much-needed connection. In gathering for prayer and praise, sharing laughter and tears, celebrating blessings, and carrying burdens, we travil the raw and real moments of this beautiful life together! Life groups are life giving!”


“It’s so much fun to have money put away, but at hand to be able to help someone when we see the need. It’s those little benefits of paying off our own debt that make life so much better! Everyday, in every way, God blesses us more and more. Thanks to Financial Peace University we see things so much more now without the blinding threat of debt looming over our heads! It was such a blessing to find this Care group and be compelled by God to check it out at the very last minute!”



RightNow Media is a great resource with access to a streaming library of more than 20,000 Bible Study videos for you, your family, or your life group. Explore today!