Marriage & Family

Marriage and family is for life! 

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There was no coincidence when God depicted His relationship with Israel and the Church in form of husband and wife and bridegroom and bride. As God intends for His relationship with His people to be fulfilling, He also intends joy, fulfillment, and intimacy in the marriage relationship and home. Christ Community Church is a community passionately committed to the support, nurturing, and healthy development of such relationships.

Our intention is to make resources and opportunities available throughout the year to encourage and empower couples of all ages. Parenting is another area that is near and dear to the heart of God. As a community, we are committed to encourage and equip parents as they travel this challenging path in the wisdom of God.

At Christ Community Church, we pursue these ends through a variety of strategies and venues. Healthy marriages and families are threads of continuity that can be seen through our life-group ministry; care and counseling ministry; and children ministry. We are committed to periodic and educationally progressive marriage and parenting “tune-ups” throughout the year that culminate in an annual event designed to educate, encourage, and spiritually uplift both couples and single parents. Finally, we are always growing in our availability and recommendations of biblical resources for couples and parents. 

Marriage & Family Recommended Resources:

  • “The 5 Love Languages”  By: Dr. Gary Chapman
  • “You and Me Forever:  Marriage In Light of Eternity” By:  Francis and Lisa Chan
  • “Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married”  By: Dr. Gary Chapman
  • “Love and Respect:  The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs”  By:  Dr. Emerson Eggeriches

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