Read Matthew 21: 23-27

This is day three of the Passion Week.  To say that the previous two days have been exciting is an understatement.  The crowds have observed first-hand that this Jesus is different than the priests and scribes.  As a matter of fact, he has made it clear that his authority comes from heaven, not man.  As you read these verses, reflect on Jesus’ response to the question of the chief priests and elders (vs. 23). 

Questions to Discuss

Why are the chief priests and elders asking the question to Jesus?  Why does Jesus follow up with a question rather than an answer to their question?  What is the purpose of the three parables immediately following this exchange?

Point to Ponder

Read the three parables in Matthew 21 & 22 (21:28-32; 33-44; 22:1-14) and then observe the chief priests and elders response in Matthew 21:45. Notice how Jesus is in control and is purposely bringing the Passion Week to its final act.  The death of Jesus did not take him by surprise.  It was decided upon by the Triune God before the creation of the world!

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