Read Matthew 26: 17-30 and John 13: 1-20

Thursday is the culmination of Jesus’ time with his disciples.  What does he do? What are his final words to them as a group? Matthew, Mark and Luke tell of Jesus’ Passover meal sermon.  They explain the purpose of the historical Passover. It is all about Jesus and his role as the True Passover Lamb. Darkness was coming, but celebration would follow!

John is the only gospel writer who does not retell the eating of the Passover meal.  He tells of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet during the meal. What does Jesus do? He serves his disciples, and in doing so, painted a picture of the sin cleansing work he will accomplish on the cross.  

Question to Discuss

Why did Jesus have to die? Go back to Exodus 11-14 and note the parallels in the story of Israel and Jesus.  Also, read Hebrews 9:11-10:18 to get a feel for Jesus’ singular focus that led to the cross and his death.

Point to Ponder

Tonight, as a church, we are partaking in a Maundy Thursday Lord’s Supper service, hosted by Pastor Mat and Jamie Encinosa via Facebook Live.  Please plan to join us at 7PM.  In preparation for the service, read Matthew 26:36-46 to get a feel for the gravity of what was to come in a few short hours. 

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